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Samuel Logan

Full-stack developer and maker

About This Site

TL;DR This site is built on Go with React and Tailwind CSS. Deployed on Azure Container Apps built with ko. Read about this site

Data Systems and Development Specialist

Olympia School District

2018 - Present

Engaged district and school leadership to design and develop numerous applications, processes, and integrations to third-party services. Worked with nearly all departments and areas of business and operations. Was regarded as the go-to person for almost any problem.

Independent Contracts

2012 - Present

Web Application Developer

Digilent Inc.

2013 - 2017

During my time at Digilent, I collaborated with Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Operations to generate solutions which fulfilled business needs.

  • Developed and deployed six new websites, with custom front-end and back-end
  • Developed and integrated a new system to manage pricing for different customer groups
  • Developed a custom automated integration between Digilent’s new BigCommerce website and existing Exact MAX ERP system for processing orders
  • Trained and supported co-workers and customers using these new websites